General Usage

Wc3Borderizer is a free app. You can use it for any purpose you deem fit. You retain all the rights for any image you upload in Wc3Borderizer. Same rights you have on original image are automatically translated to any derived image generated by Wc3Borderizer. All images you upload will be assigned to a temporary random link. These links will not be published by Wc3Borderizer to third parties. You can share this links with anyone you like but keep in mind that this links are not permanent and that they will be deleted after some time to preserve space.

Collecting of Information

Wc3Borderizer retains the right to:

Wc3Borderizer will NOT sell or give your images or any images derived from your images to third parties.


Wc3Borderizer does NOT guarantee that third parties will not download your images, this is however very unlikely since the images are published through random links. Wc3Borderizer and its author are not responsible for anything that you do, EVER.